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SFW : changing the way students, teachers, and parents look at writing.

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chants, mini lessons, student samples

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support, chants, sample lessons, manuals, student samples

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support, mini lessons, chants, sample lessons, manuals, student samples

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"SFW is an innovative, creative writing program. Students can't wait for writing time. Write on!" Ryan Holman, Superintendent of Curriculum, SJUSD

"SFW has a powerful effect students at Baldy Mesa. Teachers are empowered; students are excited to learn." Dan McDonald, Principal, Baldy Mesa Elementary,SJUSD

" I've never experienced anything, over the course of my 21 years, that engages every student like SFW." Mercedes Walker, Palmetto Elementary,FUSD

" I love how my students write complete sentences with strong capitals and ending punctuation marks." Jeanne Reid, Kindergarten, Baldy Mesa Elementary,SJUSD

"SFW empowers all students to become successful writers. I only wish I'd discovered SFW earlier in my career." Mary Loucks, Grade 2, Hamilton Elementary, SKUSD